Nicolò Ferdinando


Nicolò Cafaro made his debut at the age of 8 with his tutor Renato Siracusano. Since 2011 Cafaro is a student of Graziella Concas at the the music institute “Vincenzo Bellini”. The young pianist was already part of more than 30 concerts, such as the most recent concert in February at the theater ”Teatro Massimo Bellini” in Catania, playing with the “Orchestra of the Teatro Massimo Bellini”. Cafaro has already won numerous important awards in Italy and abroad, among them the “Giulio Rospigliosi-“, the “Città di Treviso” competition and the “Vladimir Krajnev International Piano Competition in Moscow”. To refine his skills, he participated at masterclasses hold by various prominent pianists like Joaquin Achucarro; Alexei Lebedev; Ivo Kaltchev; Boris Berezovsky. Since 2013 Nicolò joins the annual courses of Leonid Margarius. Eventually he became a student of Leonid Margarius at the International Piano Academy of Imola “Incontri col maestro”.

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