Ferruccio Busoni – Gustav Mahler Foundation

Ferruccio Busoni and Gustav Mahler were contemporaries and shaped the history of music as great personalities and universal artists. Both made their mark as composers and conductors, Busoni also as a pianist and Mahler as an opera director. Both were also influential essayists and artistic directors of innovative projects – in the context of a time of great historical changes. Their relationship was characterized by appreciation and mutual respect.
Taking this spiritual and intellectual context into account, the new Ferruccio Busoni – Gustav Mahler Foundation was born in 2019 out of the union of the two institutions.
The foundation’s artistic mission is the discovery, training, support and promotion of young talents. The piano competition is a platform for encounters between the generations, between teachers, young talents and key personalities of international music life. The academy enables young talents to develop a deep understanding of chamber music in order to enhance their development into first-class orchestral musicians. The festival provides a mutual platform for the promotion and advancement of musicians who will shape the future of classical music. An ever more diverse audience is benefiting from encounters with the enriching world of classical music.

Patrizia Spadafora

Artistic Director:
Peter Paul Kainrath


Alessandra Caramaschi
E-mail: caramaschi@busoni-mahler.eu  

Development, Sponsoring
Silvia Torresin
E-mail: torresin@busoni-mahler.eu 

Monika Torresan
E-mail: torresan@busoni-mahler.eu