GPP 2022 – Audience voting

Starting on November 6, recitals will be recorded and uploaded to our website here within 24 – 48 hours. Once all the videos are published online the audience vote will open.
The audience is invited to experience the Glocal Piano Project as a single, large online piano festival and give its own significant vote: Up to 4 candidates will have the chance of entering next year’s finals independently of the jury vote.

The audience vote will open on November 18 at 6:00 pm CET and close on November 25 at 9:00 am CET.

Audience Voting step by step:

1. You have to register at this link to participate in the audience vote.

2. Watch the videos and take note of the three participants who you would like to see in the final stages of the Busoni Competition next year.

3. You have made your final choice? Then vote for up to 3 candidates. It is not possible to give all three votes to one person.
ATTENTION: Once your vote has been submitted it cannot be changed!

4. The vote will result in a ranking of the 4 candidates who collected the most votes. If the same candidates are chosen by audience vote and the jury decision, this means, no additions. If the audience vote includes only people not chosen by the jury it means, 4 additions.

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