Emanuil Ivanov was born in 1998 in the town of Pazardzhik, Bulgaria. Emanuil Ivanov studied with Galina Daskalova and Atanas Kurtev. As winner of the 1st prize at the 62nd Ferruccio Busoni International Piano Competition, he is currently engaged in advanced studies at the Birmingham Royal Conservatory with Pascal Nemirovski and Anthony Hewitt. He has won first prizes in competitions such as “Vivapiano”, “Scriabin-Rachmaninoff”, “Viktor Merzhanov”, “Pavel Serebryakov”, “Liszt-Bartók”, “Young virtuosos” and “Jeunesses International Music Competition Dinu Lipatti” (Bucharest), and second prize in the Frederic Chopin competition (Saint-Petersburg). His participations in masterclasses include those of Dmitri Bashkirov, Dmitri Alexeev, Andrzej Jasinski, Vladimir Ovchinnikov, Ludmil Angelov and Pavel Egorov. Emanuil Ivanov has performed at many festivals in Bulgaria and has also given solo recitals in France and Poland. He has played with leading Bulgarian orchestras. In 2016, he also participated in the Moscow meets friends festival in Moscow. In 2017, he performed alongside renowned Bulgarian pianist Ludmil Angelov in a recital in the Royal Palace in Warsaw and debuted on the stage of Bulgaria Hall in Sofia in a concert with Classic FM symphony orchestra under the baton of Grigor Palikarov. In the next two seasons, the young pianist will perform in recitals and as a soloist with orchestra in the most important music centres of Europe and Asia, such as London, Munich, Milan, Rome, Vienna, St. Petersburg, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing and many other capitals.

Engage Emanuil Ivanov:

The Ferruccio Busoni International Piano Competition manages debut recitals for the Busoni-Prizewinner in many cities of Europe, Asia and America.
For more information regarding concert engagements please contact Daniela Rodriguez Campadello: concerts@busoni-mahler.eu

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Concerts of the Busoni-Prizewinner 2019:

June 2022
1 Trento, Haydn Orchestra, Italy

May 2022
31 Bolzano, Haydn Orchestra, Italy

March 2022
25 Bolzano, Società dei Concerti, Italy
28 München, Herkulessaal

December 2021
1 Ravenna, Orchestra Leonore
2 Pistoia, Orchestra Leonore

November 2021
17 London, Steinway Hall
20 Campobasso, Italy
21 Avezzano, Italy
22 Pescara, Italy
23 Bari, Italy

October 2021
1 Catanzaro, Palazzo dei Nobili, Italy
2 Palmi, Casa della Cultura, Italy
3 Lamezia Terme, Teatro Grandinetti, Italy
6 Sofia, Bulgaria
Kiel, Musikfreunde Kiel, Germany
14 Zürich, Musical Discovery, Switzerland
19 Hong Kong, Joy of Music Festival
30 Messina, Accademia Filarmonica, Italy

September 2021
11 Pesaro, Anfiteatro Miralfiore, Italy
18 Monferrato Casalese, Torino, Italy

July 2021
Sofia, Bulgaria

June 2021
11 Torino, Italy
15 München, Herkulessaal, Germany > Postponed – March 2022
17 Foligno, Auditorium San Domenico, Amici della Musica INFO

May 2021
3, 4
Pistoia, Italy
5 Ravenna, Italy
6 Merano, Haydn Orchestra > Cancelled
11 Milano, Società del Quartetto INFO
13, 14 Berlin, Konzerthaus > Cancelled
28 St. Petersburg, International Musical Olympus Festival INFO

April 2021
Bolzano, Haydn Orchestra > Cancelled
28 Trento, Haydn Orchestra > Cancelled

March 2021
Messina, Accademia Filarmonica > Postponed
14 Trapani > Postponed
15 Palermo, Amici della Musica > Cancelled
16 Torino, Sala Congressi del Lingotto > Postponed
28 Deutschlandsberger Klavierfrühling Festival, Austria > Postponed

February 2021
London, Steinway Hall > Postponed
20 Kiel, Musikfreunde Kiel, Germany > Postponed to October 9, 2021
22 Munich, Klassik vor Acht, Herkulessaal > Postponed to 2021/2022 – tbc
27 Milano, Teatro alla Scala, live stream INFO

December 2020
Istanbul, Haydn Orchestra > Cancelled
4 Bolzano, recital for the Anniversary of Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli (100 years) > Postponed to 2021/2022
10 Napoli, Associazione Scarlatti > Postponed to 2021/2022
11 Catanzaro, Amici della Musica > Postponed to 2021/2022
12 Palmi, AMA Calabria > Postponed to 2021/2022
13 Lamezia Terme, AMA Calabria > Postponed to 2021/2022

November 2020
2 Nicosia, Cyprus INFO
13 Pescara, Teatro Massmo, Società del Teatro e della Musica Luigi Barbara INFO > Postponed – new date tbc
14 Avezzano, Auditorium Castello Orsini, Harmonia Novissima INFO
15 Roma, I concerti al Quirinale > Postponed – new date tbc
16 Bari, Camerata Musicale Barese INFO > Postponed – new date tbc
17 Zürich, Musik an der ETH und UZH INFO > Cancelled
21 Campobasso, Teatro Savoia, Amici della Musica Walter De Angelis INFO > Postponed – new date tbc
24 Roma, IUC – Istituzione Universitaria dei Concerti INFO > Postponed – new date tbc
28-30 Rovereto, concert with Orchestra Haydn > Cancelled

October 2020
16 Hong Kong, The Joy of Music Festival
19 München, Herkulessaal, Klassik vor Acht INFO
20 Kiel, Musikfreunde Kiel > Postponed – Feb. 2021
25 Ancona, Orchestra Sinfonica Marchigiana > Cancelled

September 2020
20 Kempen, Kempen Klassik

June 2020
20 Bulgaria

May 2020
7 Verona, Teatro Ristori INFO > Postponed – new date tbc
28 Saint Petersburg, International Musical Olympus Festival INFO > Postponed – May 2021

April 2020
27 München, Herkulessaal, Klassik vor Acht INFO > Postponed – Oct. 19

March 2020
1 Lübeck, Musik- und Kongresshalle – MUK INFO 
8 Foligno, Auditorium San Domenico > Postponed – new date tbc
29 Deutschlandsberger Klavierfrühling > Cancelled

February 2020
5 Bologna, Fondazione Musica Insieme INFO
9 Coswig b. Dresden, Villa Teresa – Zentrum für Kammermusik und Literatur INFO
12 Venezia, Teatro la Fenice – Sale Apollinee, Musikamera Venezia INFO
14 Teramo, Sala Polifunzionale della Provincia, Società della Musica e del Teatro “Primo Riccitelli” INFO
16 Trento, Società Filarmonica Trento INFO
17 Bergamo, Società del Quartetto di Bergamo INFO
19 Ortisei, Centro culturale, Jëuni de Mujiga de Gherdëina INFO 
21 Arezzo, Casa Museo Ivan Bruschi INFO
23 Innsbruck, Haus der Musik INFO

January 2020
23 Bulgaria, State Opera of Plovidiv INFO 

December 2019
4 Pesaro, Orchestra Filarmonica Marchigiana INFO

September 2019
8 Asolo, Asolo Musica
15 Trieste, Mattinate Musicali Internazionali, Nuova Orchestra Ferruccio Busoni, dir. Massimo Belli INFO
15 Venezia, Festival Galuppi, Orchestra da Camera Ferruccio Busoni, dir. Massimo Belli INFO 

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